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Dismas Charities Charleston Invited To Re-Entry Event

The Charleston facility was recently invited to participate in the West Virginia Southern Regional Reentry Task Force – Reentry Stakeholders Meeting designed to increase the success rate of federal inmates once they release into the RRC’s and ultimately into the community. Topics covered included obtaining identification, health care, housing and others. Attendees included Charleston Director […]

Dismas Charities Portland Residents Graduate From Thinking Class

Nine Portland residents have graduated from the Thinking for a Change (T4C) program, designed to increase awareness of themselves and others. T4C integrates cognitive restructuring, social skills, and problem-solving, the central approach offenders learn that enables them to work through difficult situations without engaging in criminal behavior. The program begins by teaching a process for […]

Hurricane Matthew Spurs Dismas Charities Staff Efforts For Assistance

Dismas Charities has nine facilities that lie within the reach of major hurricanes from the Atlantic, Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. The peak season for these life-threatening storms runs from January 1 to November 30 – every year. So in response to the Governor’s warning to evacuate in the face of Hurricane Matthew, the […]

Dismas Charities Las Cruces Holds Completion Ceremony/Graduation

Socrates once said “the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Change was the keyword spoken at the Las Cruces facility’s first-ever Program Completion Ceremony in early September. The idea of the observance came to life recently when staff brain-stormed ideas that […]

USPO Conducts Dismas Charities Clarksburg Training

During a recent Staff Meeting, Assistant Deputy Chief U.S. Probation Officer Stacey Claxton trained the staff on “How a Criminal Case Moves through the Federal Court” covering initial appearances, arraignment, preliminary and detention hearings, pre-trial supervision, trial or plea hearing, pre-sentence investigation reports, sentencing, probation, supervised release and revocation of probation. Like Us On Facebook!

Dismas Charities Tupelo Staff Volunteer For Swimmers

When the Tupelo Convention and Visitor’s Bureau called the Dismas center for volunteers to assist with a variety of duties at the Southern Zone Senior Swimming Championships, three staff members stepped to the plate. From left Social Services Coordinator Keri Dykes, Director Tina Johnson and Resident Monitor Tricia Lay worked the front desk for sign-ups, […]

Unique Dismas Charities Atlanta Tacos And Ties Event Boosts Self Confidence

On July 20, the Atlanta program hosted a “Ties and Tacos” event designed to help foster better appearances and better opportunities for its male residents. Representatives from Mercedes Benz, Save Ourselves civil rights coalition, and Men’s Wearhouse taught the art of tying a tie. According to Director Stephen Ricks, it may seem like a simple […]

Dismas Charities Charleston Thanks Police For Service

Charleston Director Jim Sands, a retired police officer himself, recently visited the West Virginia State Police Headquarters to deliver a “Thank You” card and a dozen cupcakes covered in trooper green icing. “It’s easy to take our Law Enforcement Officers for granted,” Sands said. Recently, we have all seen far too many senseless murders around […]

Dismas Charities Atlanta Battles Human Trafficking

Atlanta staff, residents and members of the Community Relations Board participated in their Second Annual Human Trafficking Walk. Participants marched with anti-trafficking signs and passed out brochures containing information on the issue, noting locations providing assistance to victims. To insure their safety the Dismas contingent was escorted by Fulton County Police Officer R.S. Pittman. According […]

Healthy Families Class Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary

In mid-July, Dismas Charities Corporate Office was the site for the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Healthy Families Class, an initiative begun in 1996 to provide basic cooking classes and other life skills for women in depressed areas and in particular the Park Hill and Beecher Terrace neighborhoods. The anniversary event celebrated the ladies who […]