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Jockey Pat Day Speaks At Dismas Charities Diersen Facility In Louisville

Rekindled Angels, Class 62 of the Diersen Substance Abuse Program, heard from Hall of Fame Jockey Pat Day during their recent covenant ceremony. “I am a living example that money, fame, and success can’t fill the emptiness in each of us,” said Day, referring to those elements of his life as a “fleeting, feeling of […]

Dismas Charities Orlando And Macon Residents Excel During Training

Orlando residents (from left) Jared James and Timothy Smith graduated from the Core Construction Program at Valencia College. The residents went through a grueling eight-week course where they learned the core essentials of construction and how to operate construction equipment. Both residents received certificates in the field of Core Construction. According to representatives, the program […]

Dismas Charities Macon Becomes Recipient Of Collard Greens

Thanks to the generosity of Limestone Creek Farm in nearby Hawkinsville, Georgia, the Macon program received a large donation of collard greens for the residents to enjoy courtesy of Limestone Owner Chris Fitzgerald (above). The Macon kitchen staff prepared fresh greens for all the residents and stored the rest in the freezer for later. Limestone […]