Archives for June 2019

Dismas Charities Montgomery Residents Help Local Food Pantry

In late May, Dismas Charities Montgomery residents volunteered at Family Guidance Center of Alabama for their 13th annual Food Pantry event which provides items to income-eligible families. The residents helped sort approximately 35,000 pounds of food to more than 400 families. Like Us On Facebook!

Dismas Charities St. Ann Plants Community Garden

In early May, 11 men from the St. Ann Substance Abuse Program began working on the program’s community garden project. This year’s garden consists of corn, green beans, onions, zucchini, cucumbers, hot peppers, bell peppers, and tomatoes. Above Client William Horsley works with pepper plants. Like Us On Facebook!

Dismas Charities Montgomery Staff Display Dismas Colors At Annual Selma To Montgomery March

Wearing the T-shirts they had created for the Selma to Montgomery March, are the 11 residents and staff who participated. The front of the shirts bear the Dismas Charities name and logo, the back containing the name of the event. At right is the finish line.

Diersen Charities Albuquerque Plants Pinwheel Garden

Child Abuse Awareness/Prevention is held each year during the month of April. Strong nurturing communities that are supportive of families can get involved to bring awareness of child abuse to their community. The Albuquerque facility did just that recently when “Residents Fernando Torres-Garcia, David Rodriguez, Antonio Hernandez, and Dabert Comanche did an amazing job in […]