Dismas Charities Accountant Brenda Tucker Retires

Brenda Tucker, Manager of the Accounts Payable/Receivable at Dismas’ Corporate Office, retired June 13 after 19 years’ service. With Brenda’s insuring the bills get paid, Dismas has witnessed an incredible growth, from the operation of 14 federal and state programs to our current 24 federal and seven state reentry centers. When Brenda began her Dismas career in August 1995, the corporation’s name had changed from Dismas House of Kentucky, Inc. to its present Dismas Charities, Inc. We had recently acquired the St. Dismas Center in Austin, Texas, the Horizons Agency in Mission, Texas, and the Prince of Wales Substance Abuse Center in Dallas. We also launched the anti-violence gun awareness campaign, “Kid with a Gun Dial 911”. “We are extremely thankful for all of Brenda’s many contributions and wish for her a wonderful retirement,” said Dismas President/CEO Ray Weis.