Dismas Charities Dania Beach EPS’ Hold Employer Luncheon

Dania Beach Employment Specialists’ Renzo Parodi and Angela Moore hosted their first Employer’s Appreciation Luncheon. Current and future employers had the opportunity to hear about the program and the incentives that are in place when hiring residents. Employers were also able to ask questions and share their experiences with the other attendees. Like Us On […]

Dismas Charities Orlando Participates In Teach-In Event

Orlando Counselor Jasmine Dorival (standing) took part in a Teach-In event at the new Orange County Public School Academic Center for Excellence. Dorival covered the importance of making good decisions and the consequences of bad ones, what it takes in education to fulfill their dream careers, how the re-entry process works and the role a […]

Dismas Charities Dania Beach Supports Women’s Club

Dania Beach staff attended an event in late October to show their support for the local Women’s Club by donating $200 toward the fight against Hunter Syndrome, a very rare, inherited genetic disorder caused by a missing or malfunctioning enzyme. All proceeds from the event went to Project Alive, a non-profit organization whose mission is […]

Dismas Business Special Edition – Hurricane 2017

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Dismas Charities Dania Beach Guest Speaker Motivates Residents To Survive

Dania Beach residents were treated to an emotional speech recently by someone who has experienced many of the same issues as they and come out on the other side successful. Motivational speaker Jennifer Lewis is founder of Kiana Nicole Survivors, an organization that brings awareness to child abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse addiction and suicide, […]

Dismas Charities Orlando Remembers Pulse Nightclub Shooting

The Orlando facility partnered with the Salvation Army to volunteer for the first anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting in which 49 people were killed and 58 others wounded in a terrorist/hate crime attack. The event, which took place in downtown Orlando at Lake Eola, included thousands of volunteers paying their respects to the fallen. […]

Dismas Charities Dania Beach Visited By U.S. Magistrate Judge Hunt

U.S. Magistrate Judge Patrick M. Hunt and his staff visited the Dania Beach program to learn more about the reentry center in which he has placed residents. Bureau of Prisons Residential Reentry Manager Carlos Rodriguez and U.S. Probation Officer Barbra Somoano also attended. Questions about how the process worked prior to a resident’s arrival at […]

Dismas Charities Dania Beach Holds Variety Of Reentry Activities

Dania Beach Social Services Coordinator Samantha Papin and Counselor Tarnell Morley organized this year’s Resident Reentry Week with activities and speakers. Barriers to Employment, was presented by U.S. Probation Supervisor Brian Brownstein, and Conflict Coaching through Families in Distress by Treatment Officer Amanda Peters and Dr. Cheryl White. Residents were also treated to a movie […]

Dismas Charities Dania Beach Staff Walk In Shoes During Simulation

Dania Beach staff participated in a second Reentry Simulation hosted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in late April. The event allowed staff and other attendees to experience real life hurdles that returning citizens experience after incarceration. “During the three-hour event our staff walked in the shoes of our returning citizens and experienced four weeks in […]

13 Dismas Charities Dania Beach Staff Become Certified In Mental Health Issues

In an effort to better serve residents entering the Dania Beach facility with mental health issues, 13 staff recently became certified in Mental Health-First Aid at Miami-Dade College. The eight-hour training covered how to help those experiencing a mental health concern, an emotional crisis or a substance abuse disorder and taught the participants how to […]