Free After 22 Years, Former Dismas Charities Resident Darryl Davis Hopes Those Behind Bars Can Have A Relationship With Jesus

In 1988, it took a jury of his peers only 30 minutes to find Darryl Davis guilty of Wanton Murder and sentence him to 35 years in prison. Today, after serving two-thirds of that sentence, Davis has completely turned his life around and established the nonprofit organization known as The Prisoner’s Hope, an effort designed […]

Dismas Charities Diersen Residents Help At The Lord’s Kitchen

Three residents from the Diersen Substance Abuse Program (SAP) served dinner and cleaned up afterward at The Lord’s Kitchen, an organization in the shadow of Churchill Downs that has served the needy every day of the year for the past 23 years. Above (from left) are Volunteer Tommy Wheatley, Diersen Clients Kim Skaggs, Rachel King […]

Dismas Charities St. Ann Clients Help Church

Ten St. Ann Substance Abuse Program clients helped clean out a house on the property of Southern Star Baptist Church. The men were able to make quick work of the project and the house is now ready for the church to use, said Director Mark Meredith. The church showed their appreciation by serving the men […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

The national observance of Thanksgiving exemplifies everything that we at Dismas Charities believe in, because family reunification is at the very heart of what we do. Without strong family support many of the residents under our care would fail. But because our entire programming structure is built on that all-important necessity, individual lives are made […]

Dismas Charities Portland Discovery Class A Hit With Residents; Parole Board

Following approval from Portland Director Robert Lanning, Resident Tony Vincent started a new Discovery class designed to assist those who were struggling with their addictions. Vincent personally created lesson plans for the eight session initiative, describing in detail what would occur during each. Two months later, the first 12 residents graduated from the class in […]

Dismas Charities St. Ann SAP Client Has New Outlook

When Michael Mikel leaves the St. Ann Substance Abuse Program, he will be taking a renewed outlook on life and a donated 15-speed bicycle to help him get to and from work more efficiently. Mikel notes that his time at Dismas has taught him “patience, tolerance, leadership skills, and a respect for the little things […]

To Our Nations Veterans “Thank You For Your Service”

To Our Nations Veterans “Thank You For Your Service” To most citizens, November 11 is just another day. But to a large group of very brave Americans it is their day – Veterans Day. Dismas Charities takes great pride in singling out and recognizing this unique group of individuals who, had it not been for […]

Dismas Charities Manchester Staff Donate To One Who Helped

To show their civic mindedness and because many of them were directly impacted by his help, staff from the Manchester facility donated $100 to the Morgan Scott Hooker Scholarship Foundation. Hooker, who died two years ago, was a well-known physical therapist in Manchester who voluntarily worked with all the sports teams in the city, traveling […]

Dismas Charities Owensboro Facility Pits Dorm-Against-Dorm In School Supply Drive

Recently the Dismas Charities Owensboro Substance Abuse Program pitted the clients of three of its dorms against one another to see which could donate the most back packs and supplies during a Back-to-School drive. Decorated collection boxes were set up in each dorm with the clients purchasing supplies on their own, having loved ones send […]

Dismas Charities Manchester Residents Learn CPR, Heimlich

Sixteen residents from the Dismas Charities Manchester Kentucky program received free instruction on the proper way to administer CPR/AED and the Heimlich Maneuver from Registered Nurse Tammy Jones. Following the instruction, which took place during a Resident Meeting, the residents received a Certificate of Achievement. Like Us On Facebook!