Dismas Charities Diersen Director Attends Heroin Crisis Events

Dismas’ Diersen Director Ronyal Horton (left), President/CEO Ray Weis (second from left), and Executive Vice President Jan Kempf (right) attended a presentation by the award-winning author of Dreamland, Sam Quinones (second from right) during a weeklong session on the drug epidemic. The event was sponsored by a Clark County (IN) government and civic group consortium. […]

Dismas Charities Residents Receive Free Flu Shots

In early February, Bruce Eckerle, Director of the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy’s Center for Health & Wellness, and other volunteers administered 53 free flu vaccinations to residents of the Portland, St. Patrick and Louisville facilities. Assisting Eckerle were Drs. Emily Blaiklock and Julie Burris, and Adam Smalley. Like Us On Facebook!

Dismas Charities Manchester ‘Start-up’ Team Insures Excellence Standards Addressed

Before Dismas opens a new federal facility, the Bureau of Prisons completes a Pre-Occupancy Inspection. To insure every facet of the program meets BOP standards – and the Dismas Standard of Excellence – Dismas assembles a Start-Up Team on site. This group of seasoned veterans insures that everything from having the electricity turned on to […]

Dismas Charities Officials Visit U.S. Congressman Hurd

On a recent visit to Washington, Dismas President/CEO Ray Weis (right) and Executive Vice President Jan Kempf paid a visit to U.S. Representative Will Hurd (center) of the 23rd Congressional District which includes Del Rio, Texas. A native of San Antonio, Congressman Hurd serves on the Committee of Oversight and Reform where he chairs the […]

Dismas Charities President Ray Weis Shows Support For Veterans

Several members of the Dismas Charities staff, including President/CEO Raymond J. Weis (above right) and Executive Vice President Jan M. Kempf, were invited to attend the 13th Anniversary Gala of USA Cares, an organization dedicated to assisting veterans and their families in times of crisis. Since 2003 the organization has responded to over 65,000 requests […]

Simulation Opens Dismas Charities Staff Eyes To Resident Challenges

As part of the annual Dismas Charities Leadership Conference, management staff from every facility took part in a Reentry Simulation. Its purpose was to raise awareness and understanding of the challenges a resident faces upon release. Gathering at the St. Ann Campus, each staffer faced hurdles associated with employment, obtaining identification, urinalysis, paying fines and […]

Dismas Charities St. Ann Practices “Man In The Mirror”

During recent Team Building exercises, residents at the Dismas Charities St. Ann Substance Abuse Program utilized a “The Man in the Mirror” concept to replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations regarding the goals they hoped to achieve in life and the men they strive to be. Resident Steven Thompson (above) shared his personal affirmations with […]

Dismas Charities Newest Center In Manchester Kentucky Holds Open House

On 1/31/17 our new Dismas Charities Manchester program held an Open House to welcome our neighbors and the families and friends of our new staff. The event drew over 60 guests. Also attending were Donna Baker McClure, Field Representative for Senator Mitch McConnell, Karen Lawson and Penny Robinson, Councilpersons from Manchester and Bureau of Prisons […]

Dismas Charities Manchester Kentucky Opens

Dismas Charities Inc . Opened it newest federal Reentry center today in Manchester Kentucky. Said Ray Weis, President/CEO, we are honored to have the opportunity to be part of this vibrant and caring community and to bring our mission of Healing the Human Spirit to the City of Hope. Like Us On Facebook!

Joe Guy Hagan Receives Dismas Charities Oscar E. Fussenegger Jr. Chariman Of The Board Award

At last night’s Dismas Charities Board meeting, Board Chair Bill Ferko, pictured at right, presented Joe Guy Hagan, pictured at the left with the Oscar E. Fussenegger Jr. Chairman of the Board Award, for his long term dedication and support of the mission of Dismas. Mr. Hagan is one of the founding Board members of […]