Dismas Charities Charleston Resident’s Grateful Mother Shows Appreciation

When a black sedan entered the parking lot of the Charleston facility, Director Jim Sands, noting that visitors haven’t been allowed since March, went to investigate. The car, Sands found, was occupied by the mother of a resident who wished to remain anonymous, but wanted to donated baked goods to the residents to show her […]

Dismas Charities Clarksburg’s Pyredoodle Rosie Brightens The Day For Staff, Residents

Rosie, a two-year-old Pyredoodle, is registered as a diabetic alert dog. She also serves Clarksburg West Virginia residents with her calming nature, relief from anxiety and loneliness, encourages communication, and reduces blood pressure. Rosie roams the facility and interacts with residents and staff alike. Here she poses for the camera with Employment Specialist Charles Owens. […]

Dismas Charities Charleston’s New Arrivals Schooled In Efforts To Stay Safe Amid COVID

Charleston Social Services Coordinator Amy Bess instructs new residents on how to make personal face masks. The masks are but one of the procedures the facility has implemented for new arrivals including providing them clothing while their clothes worn from the institution can be washed. They are also provided hygiene items upon arrival. Like Us […]

Dismas Charities Charleston Donates To Help Fire Department Purchase Rescue Bags

With the help of the Charleston program, the Jefferson Volunteer Fire Department was able to purchase a new set of rescue air bags, used in dangerous emergencies to help lift structures or vehicles. Once inflated, the 20×20 inch bags can lift up to 41,000 pounds, said Jill Oliver-Thornton (left), President of the Jefferson Business Association, […]

Dismas Charities Clarksburg Residents Volunteer To Re-Build Service Dog Kennel

When Clarksburg Director Nita Schoonover was asked for help at a local service dog training facility after a storm caused considerable damage, she had no trouble finding resident volunteers. Schoonover explained that counselors actually have a waiting list of residents wanting to work with local community partner, K9s to Furkids. K9s trains service dogs and […]

Dismas Charities Charleston To Partner With Jobs And Hope

Tiffany Tyson and Kevin Jackson, Transition Agents for Jobs and Hope West Virginia, met with Charleston administrators recently to help form a partnership with Dismas Charities to help our residents. Jobs and Hope, which was formed to help newly-released state and federal inmates make a successful re-entry into society, assists with transportation to job interviews, […]

Dismas Charities Charleston Hears Christmas Story Of Success

Randy Christmas was a Charleston resident four years ago and while there found an entry-level job at the Schoenbaum Family Enrichment Center where he answered the phone and cleaned. Since that time, Christmas (standing) has been promoted to Com-munity Specialist, a position where he administers a $60,000 grant to assist those in need with their […]

Professor Trains Dismas Charities Charleston Staff On How To Use Narcan

University of Charleston School of Pharmacy Professor Lindsay Acree (standing) recently trained the Charleston staff on recognizing the signs of an opioid overdose. Acree, who has performed long term studies on the effects that opioid drugs have on the human body as well as the best treatment for overdoses, provided staff the opportunity to practice […]

Dismas Charities Charleston Staff Race For The Cure

Four Charleston staff recently participated in the annual 5K Race for the Cure fundraiser for cancer research. Denice Isaacs, a veteran of many 5K runs, placed second in her age category. Above from left are Amy Hinzman, Kayla Thaxton and Cory Lowery, and Isaacs. Like Us On Facebook!

Dismas Charities West Virginia Directors Attend “High in Plain Sight” Training

Charleston Director Jim Sands and Clarksburg Director Emily Gillispie attended “High in Plain Sight” training, designed to show how drug paraphernalia, drug products, and drug trends are “hiding” and can be hidden where one would not normally see them, i.e. pockets in hats, hoodies and shirts, and photos and logos on shirts that look normal […]