Dismas Charities Atlanta Staff Volunteer To Educate Public On Proper Child Safety Seat Placement And Use

Six members of the Atlanta program volunteered their time at a recent “Child Safety Seat Checkup & Health Fair”, organized by Councilman Michael J. Bond (third from right seated), Atlanta Fire and Rescue and the Georgia Highway Safety Patrol. Drivers with small children were shown the proper way to secure children in the seats. Those with the wrong type or size seats for their children’s weight, or who had damaged seats, had them replaced free of charge by Fire and Rescue and the Safety Patrol. To add to the festive atmosphere, Atlanta staff served popcorn and snow cones and hosted games. The volunteers (above), which included an appearance by Ms. Teen Georgia, Ms. Georgia and Little Miss Georgia, were also treated to lunch and music. Across the United States, it is estimated that four out of five car seats are incorrectly secured. Health care screenings for high blood pressure were also a part of the event.

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