Dismas Charities Sioux City Has Its STARS!

The Sioux City program has begun another S.T.A.R.S. program for its residents. While developed as equine therapy for those with physical and mental disabilities, the Special Troopers Adaptive Riding School is designed to meet the specific needs and hurdles of Sioux City residents. During the six-week long initiative residents focus on verbal and non-verbal communication, anger management, team work, temptation, triggers and knowing when to ask for help. They accomplish these goals while working directly with horses. “It is amazing to see a resident that will not communicate with staff but will talk to their horse like a life-long friend,” said Director Robyn Deacon. “We want our residents to be vocal, expressive and able to put up appropriate boundaries in their lives, to see their stumbling blocks and be able to overcome them.” One exercise involves selecting a horse and leading it to an instructor. Some residents bribed the horse with food and flowers while others used the harnesses. Discussions follow and all residents are required to utilize their journal.