Dismas Charities Sioux City Residents Apply For Housing

Tiffany Claybourne, with the Sioux City Housing Authority, has raised the hopes of home ownership for several residents of the Sioux City program. Claybourne (above right standing) visited with the residents and explained how they might qualify for housing assistance, the application for help and the entire process. “Many have misconceptions about who can and cannot receive assistance with housing and Tiffany was able to clear that up,” said Director Robyn Deacon. “I wish I could have captured the looks on faces and deep sighs of relief as the attending residents realized they actually do qualify for help!” As Claybourne walked them through the step-by-step process, the residents completed applications, and administrative staff made copies of needed documents to attach to the forms. Claybourne also serves on the facility’s Community Relations Board. Relatedly, Deacon is currently investigating “Project Home” a concept currently in use in Minnesota that works to help residents become homeowners.

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