Dismas Charities Sioux City Younger Me Comments “Profound”

The Dismas Charities Sioux City facility has completed their Dear Younger Me project where residents were asked to write statements and offer advice to younger versions of themselves. The missives, displayed on the above poster (some of which are printed in the article beside this one), will be used by Sioux City Police Detective Kevin McCormick (above right) when he meets with juvenile offenders and at-risk youth throughout the community. “Some of their statements were very profound,” said Director Robyn Deacon (left). The program began at the beginning of the year.

*You should have gone to college. Desmond

*NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF. Don’t expect someone to work harder on YOUR life than YOU. And if you find someone willing to help you, never turn them away. Anonymous

*Be grateful for what YOU have, not upset at what someone else has more of. No matter how tough life gets, if you stay out of trouble and make good choices there is a world of opportunity out there. No matter what challenges you have now, you can overcome and change them into anything you want them to be. Anonymous

*Life is full of surprises. You will have your good times and your bad. If you let the bad times take over the good, you will fail. Life is what you make of it and get out of it. If you have dreams of becoming someone, follow those dreams no matter what obstacles get in your way. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it or you won’t succeed. Don’t let the hard times or bad choices get in your way and define you. Always take the negative and find a way to turn it positive. Work hard, stay out of trouble…. Jaime

*…if I could do it all over again, would I? No. I would have continued my education and pursued my goals of being in the military and starting and maintaining a family. I would not have let people influence me in such a negative way as they did and lead me down the path of self-destruction. My advice would be to further your education, and don’t take family and positive peers for granted because they may not be around later in life when you actually need the support. Robert

*Don’t you realize you are hurting the people that love you, damn fool? Check it homie, everything you are doing is taking you nowhere. …don’t let the evil side devour you, because it will if you let it and then it will be too late to turn back. Anonymous

*Drive your own car. Don’t be a passenger in your life. It is your life to live, your road to choose. It is your choice. God gave you a road map. To say yes to a blessed life, you have to say no a lot. At the end of your road, you will stand alone, with your regrets. And be accountable when you try explaining “I didn’t have a choice. I wasn’t in control. I didn’t know. I was trying to please….” The answer will always come back. It was your choice. Charlene

*…always listen to your mothers, fathers and elders. Be respectful. Be true to yourself, get involved with positive people who will guide and encourage you through all of life’s struggles and obstacles and don’t say you don’t know where to find anyone like that. Please think about the rational thought that will lead to positive consequences. Please don’t be afraid to ask for help….there are people who care a great deal about you. You will find some of the warmest and most caring people in the place that you would least want to look. Anonymous