Dismas Charities Manchester Staff Donate To One Who Helped

To show their civic mindedness and because many of them were directly impacted by his help, staff from the Manchester facility donated $100 to the Morgan Scott Hooker Scholarship Foundation. Hooker, who died two years ago, was a well-known physical therapist in Manchester who voluntarily worked with all the sports teams in the city, traveling with many of them to home and away games. He also treated the injuries of several staff members who played sports in high school. Above staff present their donation to Scholarship Committee member Tammy Jones. The Dismas money, accumulated from Jeans Friday’s and donations, will go toward a scholarship for a Clay County High School student. In addition, residents of the facility will be volunteering in a 5K event in October with all proceeds will also go toward the fund. Several staff will be running in the event. Above from left are Social Services Coordinator Krista Jones, Jones, and Resident Monitors Gilbert Benge and Michael Philpot. Kneeling from left are Employment Specialist Deidra Burns and Counselor Alisha Mitchell.

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