Dismas Charities St. Ann Practices “Man In The Mirror”

During recent Team Building exercises, residents at the Dismas Charities St. Ann Substance Abuse Program utilized a “The Man in the Mirror” concept to replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations regarding the goals they hoped to achieve in life and the men they strive to be. Resident Steven Thompson (above) shared his personal affirmations with the St. Ann community which included his compassion for his fellow man, his love and loyalty to his newborn child, and his commitment to becoming a sober, productive member of society. While looking into a painted picture of a mirror, “residents make the positive affirmation to themselves in order to replace the negative self-talk,” said Assistant Director Stacy Coleman. “When an addict looks in a mirror, he sees not only the physical image; he also senses an emotional image that is an illusion of one’s true, authentic self. By uncovering the negative self-talk, through awareness and identification, one is able to see the harmful effects of the negative thought, which is one’s belief about one’s self at the subconscious level. Success in treating addiction requires success in becoming aware of, identification of, and exposing the negative core self-beliefs and replacing them with statements of Truth and Value that liberates one from the bondage of shame. Only then, may the addict begin to see a different person in the mirror, one that speaks the truth from an epicenter of love.”

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