Free After 22 Years, Former Dismas Charities Resident Darryl Davis Hopes Those Behind Bars Can Have A Relationship With Jesus

In 1988, it took a jury of his peers only 30 minutes to find Darryl Davis guilty of Wanton Murder and sentence him to 35 years in prison. Today, after serving two-thirds of that sentence, Davis has completely turned his life around and established the nonprofit organization known as The Prisoner’s Hope, an effort designed to lead those incarcerated to Jesus, which he credits for completely changing his life. Released in 2012, Davis said he now believes God want’s him to return to prison with the Bible study program he designed to give hope, to train Bible study leaders, and to meet with prisoners to help men redeem themselves and restore their lives. Davis, speaking at the Portland facility, said he quit school at 16, married at 18, built a successful moving business, purchased a home, boat and new car and truck and then developed an addiction. Because of his addiction he lost everything. His belief in God was spurred to action by his Christian siblings who talked to him about surrendering his life to Christ. Their talks must have had an impact because while incarcerated he earned his GED, an Associate degree, a Bachelor’s degree in Theology, and his Master’s of Divinity. He also became a certified hospice caregiver, one of the first five men in Kentucky to be certified while behind bars. “In all my years of incarceration, never once did the Lord forsake me,” Davis said. “Never once did He leave me to myself or allowed hurt beyond that which I could stand. Looking back, I know for sure that all things worked for my good and for His glory.”

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