To Our Nations Veterans “Thank You For Your Service”


To most citizens, November 11 is just another day. But to a large group of very brave Americans it is their day – Veterans Day. Dismas Charities takes great pride in singling out and recognizing this unique group of individuals who, had it not been for their service, none of us would be living in a society free from tyranny. Dismas employs 92 veterans in its ranks and 3 on our governing Board of Directors. Each one is incredibly proud of their service and will readily tell you that the experience – to some more frightening than others – was one of those aspects of life that make for a better person. Veterans are easy to identify. They’re grandfathers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and friends. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors. But they all relish when someone – anyone – reaches out a hand and says “Thanks for your service.” So from the more than 800 employees of Dismas Charities in 14 states, “Thanks for your service.” We truly appreciate it.

Angelo Abeyta
Alfonso Aguilar Jr
Daryl Anderson
Joey Anderson
Daniel Beckwith
John Berumen
Anitra Blakeney
Eric Brown
Clinton Bryant
Timothy Burke
John Bush
Xavier Calvillo
Charles Caves
Don Christensen
Stephen Clark
Stacy Coleman
Anthony Coleman
Ray Collier
Adam Conlin
Christopher Cornelison
Michael Corona
Charles Crawford
Chad Dachtler
Luis Dejesus
Kenneth Docherty
Joe Driver
Michael Edwards
Selenthia Fed Ragin
Kenneth Fulton
Bruce Fuzzell
Anita Galloway
Jorge Gamez
Ramiro Garcia
Archie Golden
Myron Griffin
Kelly Hale
Barbara Hall
Donald Harpe
Matthew Holliday
Lamar Horne
Veronique Husband
Malcom Jackson
Jerry James
Racquel Jefferson
Alfredo Jimenez Jr
Wesley Johns
Robert Johnson
Benny Johnson
Randy Johnson
Daniel Judiscak
Christopher Kelly Patton
William Landrigan
Brenton Lane
Julius Larry
Odis Leath
Cody Leonard
Verlenda Martinez
Michael Mcclure
Yvette Mccollum
Adam Mccune
Gregory Meadows
Francisco Mendez
Jonathan Merriwether
Barry Middleton
Henry Mix Jr
George Moss
Julian Neff
Shields Nesbit
Colin Odendhal
Eric Ogletree
James Pannell
Torrence Payton
Ashley Pirtle
Robert Polson
Art Potter
Anita Reel
Olga Reyes
Trevor Risdal
Charles Robinson
Bill Roby
James Rogers
Mario Rueda
James Sands
Jim Simon
Walter Smelley
Johnny Smith
Regina Steiner
David Stockton
Jeffery Taylor
Joseph Theriot
Robert Thomas
Ashley Thompson
Rudy Torrez
Osoria Toston
Robert Williams
Eric Woods

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