Teamwork Exercises Challenge Diersen Charities Albuquerque Staff


During an Albuquerque Staff Meeting, employees participated in interactive Teamwork and Communication Training which consisted of two activities. The first task required teams of six to move a tennis ball on a metal ring (above) with six strings from one end of the room to the other and place the tennis ball on a bottle. The exercise was used to promote creative problem-solving, teamwork and communication in working toward a goal. The second activity challenged three teams to build a Styrofoam cup tower as close as possible to an example on display. The teams were provided with the building materials, but the catch was that none of the teams were provided with the correct amount of materials. The goal of this exercise was to illustrate how competition can sometimes hinder collaboration. If the teams had worked together, they all would have had the necessary materials. It also promoted working to overcome unforeseen obstacles. Prizes were awarded.

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