Dismas Charities Memphis (Diersen) Benefits From Men’s Wearhouse

Memphis Director James Williams (right) and Resident Monitor Randy Johnson (left) picked up 75 men’s suits, shirts, blazers, pants and neck ties from the Men’s Wearhouse for the facilities clothes closet. “This donation will reap so many benefits for the men of the facility and I am ecstatic to see the project come to fruition,” […]

Happy Columbus Day!

Nearly 500 years after Christopher Columbus arrived in the New World while searching for a faster route to the Far East, a small group of men from the five councils of the Knights of Columbus met for the first time in Louisville, Kentucky to consider the idea of forming Dismas Charities. Their efforts were obviously […]

Dismas Charities Corpus Christi Holds Annual Job Fair

In partnership with State Parole and U.S. Probation, the Corpus Christi program held its ninth annual Job Fair, aimed at assisting returning citizens in securing employment and informing them of community resources. Attending were representatives from Goodwill Industries of South Texas, Ameritek Industries, STX Beef, American Auto Service, Labor Finders, Alsco, Catholic Charities of Corpus […]

Dismas Charities Diersen Clients Put In Touch With Local Resources

Clients from the Louisville-based Diersen Substance Abuse Program took part in Reintegration Night, a program sponsored by Goodwill to provide hope to re-entering citizens by, in one setting, giving them easy access to community partners and letting them know the community cares about them and wants them to do the next right thing. Services available […]

U.S. Attorney Visits Dismas Charities Greensboro Facility

U.S. Attorney Matthew G.T. Martin, who represents the Middle District of North Carolina, toured the Greensboro program in late May and spoke to staff and residents during his visit. Martin, thanked Dismas for its work in re-entry and shared that he believes part of his job is to learn more about re-entry since the majority […]

Dismas Charities Sioux City, Omaha Staff Hold Re-Entry Simulation

The staff of the Sioux City program, while undergoing training at Dismas’ Omaha facility, participated in a re-entry simulation where they play the role of newly-released residents. Led by Brett Keller, of Yankton Federal Prison Camp, Sioux City and Omaha administrative staff played the part of the Department of Motor Vehicles, employers, U.S. Probation Officers […]

Dismas Charities Sioux City Has Its STARS!

The Sioux City program has begun another S.T.A.R.S. program for its residents. While developed as equine therapy for those with physical and mental disabilities, the Special Troopers Adaptive Riding School is designed to meet the specific needs and hurdles of Sioux City residents. During the six-week long initiative residents focus on verbal and non-verbal communication, […]

Dismas Charities Montgomery Residents Help Local Food Pantry

Dismas Charities Montgomery residents volunteered at Family Guidance Center of Alabama for their 13th annual Food Pantry event which provides items to income-eligible families. The residents helped sort approximately 35,000 pounds of food to more than 400 families. Like Us On Facebook!

Dismas Charities Las Cruces Diersen Facility Donates Mattresses To Shelter

The Medilla Valley Community of Hope homeless shelter was the recipient of 30 mattresses donated by the Las Cruces program. From left are shelter staffers Cassandra Calway, Christina Gallardo, and Aide Lechuga and Diersen Director Irma Smith. Like Us On Facebook!

Dismas Charities Diersen Facility Residents In Louisville Aid Homeless

Ladies from the Diersen Substance Abuse Program accompanied staff from My Chosen People in offering supplies to the homeless population of downtown Louisville. Items included raincoats, hygiene products, and apples. “The ladies stated that it was very humbling to see first-hand the hardships faced by the homeless population and also expressed gratitude for the comforts […]