Dismas Charities Corpus Christi Participates In Beach to Bay Relay Marathon

On  May  17,  staff  and  friends  of  Dismas  Charities  Corpus Christi  participated  in  the  39th Annual  Beach  to  Bay  Marathon, the largest relay race in the nation. The six-person event celebrates Armed Forces Day with all proceeds going to local charities  in  the  Coastal  Bend  Area.  From  left  are  three Friends of Dismas (FOD) Donna Coubron, Alyssa Chrisobe, and Ashley Perez, Social Services Coordinator Ryan Dudley, Assistant  Director  Cleo  Campos,  and  U.S.  Pretrial  Services representative Eloy Rivas. Dismas has been involved with the relay since 2002 when it sponsored a group of runners lead by  eventual  Master’s  Division  Winner  Jesse  Sturgeon.  His team also won the Master’s Division for the 26.2 -mile run.