Diersen Charities Nashville Series Talk lists myriad of “how to’s” for job interviews

At a recent Series Talk, an event held quarterly by the Nashville program and Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Burley Nelson (above right) spoke to the residents about Building and Maintaining Your Brand During a Job Search. Nelson, Vice President of Human Resources for Direct Auto Insurance, explained that their brand is synonymous with their reputation and that the residents should shape how they present themselves to the public. “What does your brand tell others,” Nelson asked. “People look to see whether you are trustworthy, knowledgeable, credible, dependable and what you will and will not stand for.” Nelson also covered networking with workforce development agencies, volunteering, firm handshakes, body language, omitting explicit music lyrics from their telephone ringtones, grooming, covering tattoos, engaging the interviewer with conversation, and honesty and confidence. Former resident Keeda Haynes (center), now an attorney, participated in a discussion. At left is Director Phoenix Doris.