Dismas Charities Hattiesburg Holds Second Off-Site Team Building Day Exercises


Away from the daily pressure of the office and in a park setting, the Dismas Charities Hattiesburg staff held its second annual Off-Site Team Building Day, designed to develop team work and enhance thinking and problem-solving skills. Staff were challenged on a variety of exercises, some of which were designed to see who would take control and show leadership skills. One exercise involved blindfolded employees, who with no assistance, transitioned themselves through a maze without touching any of the cones outlining the course. This exercise was made all the more difficult by mischievous Director Chris Kelly throwing small fireworks as a distraction to participants in the maze. “I wanted to see how my staff would deal with uncertainty without my intervening,” said Kelly. As an incentive, Kelly offered financial rewards of up to $75 for those who excelled in the exercises. Refreshments were provided.

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