Dismas Charities Sioux City Resident Monitor Creates; Implements Re-entry Support Program

In Sioux City Resident Monitor Alexi Malatare has developed a nine-week Re-entry Support program, designed specifically for residents within 30 days of release and those who were recently released. “Federal Probation is highly in favor of this effort and has stated that they too will attend these group sessions,” said Director Robyn Deacon. “The clients they supervise are in need of support and resources upon release and this is yet one more way we can work together to reduce recidivism.” Malatare, who first joined Dismas as an intern and was named Employee of the Year in 2018, noted that the program provides nine additional weeks of Dismas support and accountability, while also providing lessons to ensure their successful re-entry. There are three sections to the class: Challenging Y our Thinking, Who Are You vs. Who You Want to Be, and Building Your Support System. Within each section there are three subsections to reinforce the lesson. Malatare explained that once a resident leaves the Dismas facility, they have no one to hold them accountable or to make sure that they think through their emotions and the potential consequences of their actions. They do not have any one checking in on them when their behavior or mood changes, nor do they have anyone to talk through their problems to prevent relapses.

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