Dr. John Arden, noted author on brain Function, speaks at ICCA Conference

At the recent International Community Corrections Association (ICCA) conference in Cleveland, Dr. John Arden, an author of 13 books on the human brain, noted that the advances in brain science research have increased our knowledge of how and why people change and the role that brain function plays in decision making, mood, memory, and behavior. “Dr. Arden’s exhaustive findings, properly applied, could help Dismas better tailor its programming for and assessments of its residents nationwide,” said Executive Vice President Jan Kempf. The presentation covered neuroscience research and the evidence-based treatment outcome literature, and introduced an integrated brain-based treatment model. Arden also discussed the impact and potential role of the research in transforming policy and practice in work with those involved in the criminal justice system. With 35 years of experience providing psychological services and directing mental health programs, Arden currently serves as the Director of Training in Mental Health for Kaiser Permanente in California and oversees 24 medical center training programs. Noted for his ability to communicate complex scientific research in a clear, accessible and interesting manner, Arden’s study of neuropsychology inspired him to integrate neuroscience and psychotherapy, synthesizing the biological and psychological into a new vision for psychotherapy, called Brain-Based Therapy. His books include The Brain Bible, Rewire Your Brain, Brain-Based Therapy with Adults, and Brain-Based Therapy with Children and Adolescents. Above Arden is flanked by Dismas Charities EVP Jan Kempf and President/CEO Ray Weis.