Tabernacle Makes Circuitous Route To Final Place Of Honor At Dismas Charities Headquarters


Since 1998, Maintenance Supervisor Joe Starks has sheltered what turned out to be the magnificent Tabernacle pictured here. Starks was unsure what the object was as it was so blackened by years of neglect, but he believed in his heart it was of a spiritual nature and should be preserved. The solid brass object, which weighs 125 pounds and take two people to lift it, was moved by Starks on three separate occasions. On each occasion Starks was told it was of no value and to discard it. The third time he received this directive he sought out Executive Vice President Jan Kempf who identified it as a Tabernacle used in the Catholic church to house the consecrated body of Christ. Maintenance Director Tim Turner lovingly cleaned an buffed the icon, bringing it to its present day look. Starks belief that it would make a beautiful addition to the Corporate Chapel, has now been recognized and a historic Christian relic preserved. Starks has also preserved a crucifix and staff and statuary also used at St. Ann.

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