The Dismas Charities Facilities Of Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Orlando And St. Ann Mark Cancer Awareness With Pink And Blue Day

On October 30, the Atlanta facility held a Pink and Purple Luncheon in honor and memory of Gladys Scott, an Associate Vice President of Dismas who died from Breast Cancer. The colors represent pink for breast cancer awareness and the purple for Stop the Violence Month. Guest speakers included Public Health educator Veronda Ford, Director Deborah Glenna and Tonya Scott, Scott’s sister. During the luncheon the attendees released balloons as they read quotes arranged by Regional Vice President Jimmy Jones. During the release Scott’s balloon, released in memory of her sister, hesitated in a tree where it stayed instead of following the others. “We believe it was a sign that Ms. Gladys wanted to stick around and enjoy the ceremony,” Glenna said. On the same day the Savannah program hosted a similar luncheon designated to domestic violence and breast cancer awareness. The program included four speakers: Beth Desloges, Executive Director of Susan G. Komen Coastal Georgia, Cheryl Branch, Director of Safe Shelter, a local temporary housing facility for domestic violence victims, Heather Horsburgh, Re-Entry Affairs Coordinator of Estill Federal Correctional Institution and a domestic violence survivor, and spokesperson for Safe Shelter, Nicole Bush. The event concluded with the release of pink and purple balloons, honoring those who lost their lives to breast cancer, those who survived the disease and victims of domestic violence. At the Macon facility speakers included Sheila Ashley, from Total Agape Ministries, Angela Johnson, Owner of Reconciliation House, a shelter for battered women, and Keshia Jones, a breast cancer survivor. A balloon release was also held. Balloons were also released in a similar event at the Orlando facility with Administrative Assistant Nancy Cyr and Case Manager Marven Gee speaking. In Louisville, the Brown Mackie College interns at the St. Ann facility held a Day of Pink, to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Each resident created a pink ribbon and heart from red felt.  All then had the opportunity to customize their heart with a message of hope, a word of encouragement, or a name of a loved one or friend who lost their battle with cancer. The hearts were worn on the shirts and jackets of the clients and staff.