Archives for October 2014

Dismas Charities Dania Beach Donates Cash, Shoes To Needy

Over 2,500 in cash, $300 in gift cards and 15 pair of shoes were donated to the needy at Collins Elementary, a school adopted by the Dismas Charities Dania Beach Community Relations Board. Pictured from left are Dismas Assistant Director Derek Thomas and Director Ana Gispert, school Principal Lincoln Pasteur, Assistant Principal Rhonda Ford, and […]

Dismas Charities St. Francis of Assisi Art Work

When a fierce storm damaged a large tree in the meditation area of the Diersen facility in Louisville, St. William Catholic Church commissioned a Peoria, Illinois sculpture to turn an 8’ segment of it into St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of nature, gardening and animals of the world.  Artist Tim Gill took just […]

Dismas Charities Christmas Decorations Go BIG

Each year Dismas goes all out to decorate just about every square inch of our Corporate Office with some of the most unusual Christmas decorations to be found.  We have, for example, an antique full-sized sled, five 12-foot trees, a live Santa Claus, moveable characters, and a carousel horse sandwiched inside one tree.  And each […]

Dismas Charities Jan Kempf Surprised With 30 Year Party!

Dismas Executive Vice President was honored for 30 years service July 25 when all of Corporate office surprised her. Kempf is the second-longest serving Dismas employee, surpassed only by President/CEO Raymond J. Weis (left) who organized the surprise.

Dismas Charities Charleston Enters Corporate Cook-Off

Following the style of the Food Channel’s popular Iron Chef series, on July 31 staff from the Charleston facility participated in this year’s Live Well Charlie West Corporate Cook Off.  The event pitted employees from 11 businesses against one another and provided five mystery ingredients to create the meal, with each team having access to […]

How Dismas Charities Dania Beach Celebrated Father’s Day

Realizing that celebratory events normally emphasize the mothers of the residents, the staff of the Dania Beach facility decided to place the spotlight on the fathers of the residents or those who had a strong father figure in their lives. Once the residents heard of the Father’s Day event, they immediately took the reins and […]