Dismas Charities Tupelo Staff; Residents Volunteer At 10 For Tupelo Event

Tupelo staff and residents recently volunteered for a community-wide clean-up day known as 10 for Tupelo. The aim of the initiative, with the motto of “Ten Hours, One Day, Service Above Self”, is to spend 10 hours in one day working to better the community. Tupelo residents chose from a long list of projects to pick up litter at a local park and to paint over graffiti behind Main Street. “Our residents worked really hard even after it started raining heavily, said Resident Monitor Felessia Ezell. “They showed great teamwork and they advocated themselves very well.” Everyone received free a T-shirt and certificates for helping as well. Among the volunteers above are Resident Monitor Timothy Burke and Residents Robert MacCary, Jessie Madison, and Benny Johnson.

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