Tabernacle Makes Circuitous Route To Final Place Of Honor At Dismas Charities Headquarters

Since 1998, Maintenance Supervisor Joe Starks has sheltered what turned out to be the magnificent Tabernacle pictured here. Starks was unsure what the object was as it was so blackened by years of neglect, but he believed in his heart it was of a spiritual nature and should be preserved. The solid brass object, which […]

Master Life Book-II Graduation

Dismas Charities St. Ann clients graduated from the Master Life Book II class receiving certificates from sponsoring Bates Memorial Missionary Baptist Church. The program is a study focusing on Christ transforming lives by developing a personal, lifelong, obedient relationship with Jesus which transforms character into Christlikeness, changes values, and involves you in His mission in […]

29 Dismas Charities Macon Representatives Participate In Breast Cancer Walk In Honor Of Dismas’ Gladys Scott

Eleven staff members, 14 residents and four community partners took part in the Macon facility’s first ever Breast Cancer Awareness Walk October 23 in memory of the late Gladys Scott, a Dismas Associate Vice President. Wearing team T-shirts bearing Scott’s name, the Dismas representatives covered five miles from the facility to Ocmulgee Heritage Trial and […]

Dismas Charities Corporate Staff Know How To Celebrate Halloween

You’d have to go a long way to equal the Halloween spirit demonstrated recently by members of Dismas’ Corporate Staff in Louisville. They included a Chef (President/CEO Ray Weis), Dracula (Vice President of Business Development Steve Vice), Chubacca from Star Wars (IT Administrator Chris Scharfenberger), a Rooster (Executive Vice President Jan Kempf), a Taco (Senior […]

Diersen Charities Albuquerque Honored At Patriotic Employer Luncheon For Its Support Of Military

On October 29, Diersen Charities attended the New Mexico ESGR Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) Patriotic Employer Award Luncheon at the National Guard Armory in Albuquerque. Guest speakers at the luncheon included New Mexico Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez and Brigadier General Juan Griego. Director Jack Morgan and Assistant Director Kelly Bowman were […]

Ms. Jan Kempf, Dr. David Robinson Present Research Data On Re-Entry To ICCA Attendees

During the 50th Annual Conference of the International Community Corrections Association (ICCA) in Cleveland, Ohio, Dismas Charities Executive Vice President Jan M. Kempf and Dr. David Robinson, President and CEO of Orbis Partners, Inc. provided the most recent research regarding the risk needs and strength assessment used by Dismas. Collectively, Kempf and Robinson have nearly […]

Stars Presented To Dismas Charities “Stars” At Conference

To commemorate Dismas’ 50th Anniversary and their 30 plus years of service toward that landmark, the Vice Presidents of Dismas presented President/CEO Ray Weis and Executive Vice President Jan Kempf(holding certificates) with a star named in their honor. The gifts, registered through the International Star Registry, were presented during the annual International Community Corrections Association […]

A Message from Dismas Charities President/CEO

2014 has held many shining moments for Dismas Charities, and perhaps none more prideful than the honor of celebrating 50 years of life. With this milestone anniversary year, we have taken a respectful and loving look back at our Founder Father William Diersen, whose compassion and humility brought significant social change enabling the work we […]

Merry Christmas!

Dismas Charities wishes everyone peace, comfort and joy for Christmas and through out the Holiday Season.  May we be grateful, compassionate and giving as we celebrate this Holy Season.  And may we at Dismas Charities continue our mission of Healing the Human Spirit.  Merry Christmas!

Dismas Charities Charleston Enters Corporate Cook-Off

In late Summer, Charleston (WV)staff members competed in a city-wide cooking competition similar to the Food Channel’s Iron Chef series. The event pitted employees from 11 businesses against one another and provided five mystery ingredients to create the meal, with each team having access to a pantry of spices, condiments, oils and other ingredients. The […]