Dismas Charities Dania Beach Guest Speaker Motivates Residents To Survive

Dania Beach residents were treated to an emotional speech recently by someone who has experienced many of the same issues as they and come out on the other side successful. Motivational speaker Jennifer Lewis is founder of Kiana Nicole Survivors, an organization that brings awareness to child abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse addiction and suicide, each of which Lewis has experienced. According to Lewis, between 5-14 she was sexually assaulted by three different family members, at 16 a runaway, became homeless, was in abusive relationships, abused drugs and alcohol, which manifested depression and brought on several suicide attempts. She credits God and the birth of her daughter, Kiana Nicole, as saving her life. She became a motivational speaker to encourage others to tell their stories as well. “Lewis has learned to create a happy, positive and healthy life with the scars and bruises from her past,” said Director Ivonne Cavanaugh. “Never give up and always believe in yourself.” From left are Social Services Coordinator Samantha Papin, Counselor Tarnell Morley, Lewis and Director Ivonne Cavanaugh.

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