Dismas’ Orlando Program Shows True Meaning Of Healing The Human Spirit


Healing the Human Spirit is the mission of Dismas Charities. A vivid example of our dedication to that mantra was recently demonstrated by our Orlando, Florida program. On June 15, staff and residents alike gathered to hold a candlelight vigil in memory of the 49 lives lost during the terrorist attack on the Pulse nightclub there. The victim’s names were read and for each name, a candle was lit. They added emphasis to the occasion by displaying banners that supported the LGBT community, Dismas Charities Orlando and Orlando Strong. And from June 18-22 staff and residents assisted the Salvation Army in setting up a tent on the site of the nightclub to provide shelter, meals, refreshments and conversation to the first responders of the attack. Residents also bused tables, passed out drinks, and talked and listened to the first responders while they took breaks from the difficult duties they had to perform.

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