5 Ecommerce Chatbots That Can Transform Your Business

The 7 Best Chatbots for your ecommerce Business Sales Layer

chatbot in ecommerce

This is particularly useful if you’re using mobile conversational apps chatbots. If a customer has already closed your website tab, these notifications are pointless. In eCommerce, such conversation can include asking for product recommendations or inquiring about payment and delivery options. Out of all online businesses, eCommerce companies probably boast the most extensive catalogs of products. With items grouped in several categories, manual browsing becomes quite inefficient for users.

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A report by Salesforce revealed that 74% of customers would switch to a competitor if the buying process is too complicated. This is why it’s important to have fewer steps in the checkout process. E-commerce chatbots integrated with payment gateways can handle online transactions and accept payments right in the chat interface, thereby shortening the sales cycle. Now, customers wouldn’t have to switch between channels to complete a purchase. They prefer high-value experiences that make online shopping more personal and dynamic.

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It will navigate them to another product page where they can browse through the products and add them to the cart. The customers may purchase these products and they will get to another transaction page to make payments and purchase the product. To simplify this process, chatbots guide users to complete their shopping journey like a casual chat. The compelling greetings of an AI-powered business chatbot will engage the website visitors in conversation. Many online business owners use their logos in the conversation to create brand awareness in the welcome message.

chatbot in ecommerce

This is one of the things on which some of the technologies are already working. Providing emotions to the machine can enhance the quality of the work with a better understanding of the user’s thoughts. Emotional intelligence in a chatbot will help in better searches and results for the users, also customizing it with the monitoring of the users’ behavior and needs. Chatbots will collaborate with IoT devices that will enable the users to interact and control their smart home appliances. Although the plugin is free, getting access to OpenAI’s server is not. And the majority of simple inquiries and responses only cost a fraction of a cent; charges can quickly rise if your site receives a lot of traffic or if people use the chatbot excessively.

Key Functions Chatbots Perform

Now that you know which companies offer the best chatbot solutions for ecommerce, you might wonder what the bots look like in action. Similarly, using the intent of the buyer, the chatbot can also recommend products that go with the product they came looking for. Think of this as product recommendations, but more conversational like a chat with the salesperson you met. A chatbot is a computer program that stimulates an interaction or a conversation with customers automatically. These conversations occur based on a set of predefined conditions, triggers and/or events around an online shopper’s buying journey.


While you should understand the problems that come with adopting ecommerce chatbots, they should not deter you completely. Investing in a chatbot for your ecommerce store can be a smart move that doesn’t have to break the bank. So, consumers and businesses do benefit from ecommerce chatbots, but there are also some downsides to consider.

Offer shopping assistance/customer support

All their jewelry is handmade (they make it all in-house) and they offer a lifetime warranty on everything. This provides a much more engaging way for your audience to view your content. Since then, the number of Facebook Messenger users grew to over 1.2 billion in April (just 3 months after the launch of the ads feature). Here’s an example of a sample flow created using Recart and Wheelio. Let’s say you want to have a fitness business, then you can buy a template that will have all the features and capabilities you need. Set up your automatic responses – go to “Customer Care” and set up your smart responses.

With a Facebook Messenger chatbot you can nurture consumers that discover you through Facebook shops, groups, or your own marketing campaigns. The chatbot can be used to direct them to your website or introduce them to ongoing deals and discounts they’d find there. You’re more likely to share feedback in the second case because it’s conversational, and people love to talk. Now think about walking into a store and being asked about your shopping experience before leaving. You walk into a store to buy a pair of jeans, but often walk out with a shirt to go along with them. That’s because the salesperson did a good job at not just upselling you a better pair of jeans, but cross-selling from another category of products available.

Finding the right chatbot for your online store means understanding your business needs. Ecommerce chatbots can help retailers automate customer service, FAQs, sales, and post-sales support. They can give users answers to their questions or complete request in no time. This means that more people are being helped quicker and more efficiently. Built for the Google Assistant, eBay’s chatbot can be used with Google Home or on the phone. The bot will answer customer queries about products and drive the sales process.

Here they were directed to a DM checkout chatbot who seamlessly took them through the sales process and the tickets were booked in no time. A four-time winner of the Loebner Prize, chatbots don’t get much smarter than Mitsuku. By language understanding, these models can accurately interpret user queries and generate relevant search results. This not only improves customer engagement but also increases the likelihood of conversions. So LangChain provides many modules that can be used to build language model applications. These modules can be combined to create more complex applications or be used individually for simple applications.

It’s very conversational, being able to understand and respond to freely typed messages as opposed to just scripted conversations. Users typed, ‘Tell me a joke’, and the chatbot responded with a cheesy gag. After the joke, users were given the options to share it on Twitter or Facebook, or to make a donation.

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