Dismas Charities Atlanta Holds Tacos And Ties Event

The Dismas Charities Atlanta program recently hosted its second annual Ties and Tacos event, designed to teach residents the art of tying a dress tie to make a better appearance. “Tying a tie may seem like a simple task to many, yet several offenders in our program did not have a male presence in the home and subsequently, never learned,” said Director Stephen Ricks. “Ties and Tacos is structured to increase the residents job readiness and to instill a level of confidence that directly correlates with maintaining a professional and presentable outward appearance.” Open to all male residents, the program consisted of a seminar on tie tying, a taco dinner prepared by Ricks, and two guest speakers. Local business owner Ray King spoke on the importance of living past this moment in their lives and achieving the greatness within each of them. Paul Vaughn, Manager of Men’s Wearhouse, offered tips on how to properly present oneself in a professional setting including the areas of shoes, hair and nails. Men’s Wearhouse donated 100 ties for the event again this year with each resident given a tie.

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