Dismas Charities Macon Receives Compliments From ACA Chair

Sometimes it’s the small tokens of appreciation that mean so much to us instead of big gestures. Such was the case recently for the Dismas Charities Macon program when Bonnie O’Brien, Chair of an American Correctional Association (ACA) Audit Team, gave Director LaTonja Brown a card showing her appreciation during a recent inspection of her facility. The Commission on Accreditation for Corrections conducted a standards compliance audit which resulted in a perfect score of 100 for Dismas Charities Macon. The card read, in part: Thank you so very much for the hospitality you and your staff provided during this ACA Audit. I commend you for the outstanding maintenance and cleanliness of the center. All residents related feeling safe, content with their programs and environment, and expressed appreciation for the staff’s professionalism. I wish you all con-tinued success. From left above are ACA Chair William Gallagher, Brown, Regional Vice President Jimmy Jones, Dismas ACA Accreditation Manager Den Freaney and O’Brien.

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