Dismas Charities Orlando & Macon Receive Perfect Scores On ACA Accreditation


At the recent American Correctional Association (ACA) Standards and Accreditation Panel Hearings in New Orleans, the Orlando (FL) and Macon (GA) facilities of Dismas Charities recorded perfect scores in 33 mandatory and 202 non-mandatory categories. The accreditation program offers the opportunity to evaluate operations against national standards, to remedy deficiencies, and to upgrade the quality of correctional programs and services. Accreditation is also intended to improve facility operations through adherence to clear and stringent standards relevant to all areas of a facility, including safety, security, order, inmate care, programs, justice and administration. Posing with the accreditation certificates are (from left) Dismas Regional Vice President Jimmy Jones, Executive Vice President Jan M. Kempf, Macon Director LaTonja Balkcom-Brown, Vice President of Development and Accreditation Manger Den Freaney, Orlando Director Jerry James, and Dismas President/CEO Raymond J. Weis.

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