Dismas Charities Sioux City Employee Recognized


Sioux City Counselor Jessie Christopherson’s therapy dog, Rudy (above), attended the most recent Staff Meeting and was voted Employee of the Month for his support for the staff and resi-dents at the facility. The AKC-registered Yellow Lab welcomes residents into the center, greets them after a long days work, assists with perim-eter checks, attends some group classes and helps tend the garden by handling “rabbit con-trol”, according to Director Robyn Deacon. “He doesn’t expect much in return, except the occa-sional treat and long petting sessions” as demonstrated here by Resident Monitor Cody Leonard. Rudy is a certified and tested therapy dog, according to Deacon. He is also AKC Ca-nine Good Citizenship certified for his obedi-ence. Rudy isn’t the first canine to help around the center. His sister, Meg, began her tenure at the facility in mid-2015 and still visits the facili-ty periodically. She too is certified, tested and has received the Citizenship certification.

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