Dismas Charities Sioux City STARS Program Called “Epic”

Often the impact of programming within the Dismas Charities organization isn’t fully known. Residents attend and with the exception of rare occasions, do not share what, if anything, they felt they “got out of it.” That’s not the case with Sioux City Resident Wendy Gohn-Chavez, a recent graduate of S.T.A.R.S., an equine assisted therapy program. Gohn-Chavez wrote, in part: “Epic program! Let me explain why! Removed from home at 11 years old and been to countless therapies. I just can’t express the amount of sense of self I’ve accomplished. What I now can see in myself is my lack of communication skills, weak boundaries and the boundaries of others I don’t respect. I recommend anyone who stays at Dismas in Sioux City long enough to take the STARS program because it is one of those life-changing programs. STARS has helped me to identify problems that I actually have and issues now that I want to seek further assistance.” Gohn-Chavez is at far right above.

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