After Mayor’s Plea: Dismas Charities Portland TARC Dig Out Team Comes To The Rescue


After hearing Louisville Metro Mayor Greg Fisher’s plea to citizens to clean their sidewalks and the over 5,000 bus stops in the city of heavy snow, Portland Director Robert Lanning quickly came to the rescue. Lanning amassed 20 resident volunteers who spenthours going from one sidewalk or Transit Authority of River City (TARC) bus stop to another to do their part to clear away the 7-11 inches that fell on the city March 4. During a live, televised update to the community on snow removal efforts, Mayor Fisher personally thanked the Dismas representatives of the TARC Dig Out Team for their efforts. On subsequent days the men will clear more sidewalks and mounds of snow where snowplows had placed it, and ventured into more suburban areas to insure smooth public transit operations. “Every one of these men enthusiastically stepped to the plate and do their part by giving back to the community,” Lanning said.