Dismas Charities Driving Marathon Gets 101 Residents Vaccinated Against COVID-19 Pandemic In Louisville Kentucky

On March 9, Regional Vice President/Portland Director Robert Lanning arranged to have 101 Dismas Charities residents from all four Louisville-area centers vaccinated against the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Lanning, Portland Resident Monitor Frank West and St. Patrick Resident Monitor Charles Perkins drove a total of 11 round trips from downtown Louisville to Broadbent Arena at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center for a total of 176 miles. The number of residents participating from each facility was Portland, 49; Diersen, 14; St. Ann, 20 and one staff member, and St. Patrick, 18. Lanning’s efforts did not go unnoticed. “What a testament to the memory of Fr. Diersen in our service to and for our residents,” said President/CEO Ray Weis. “Thanks to All the Dismas Teams.” Executive Vice President Jan Kempf said “The impact of your actions will continue to impact and protect so very many people. This is so exciting. Thank you from and for Team Dismas.” Vice President of Business Development Steve Vice noted that “Sometimes Healing the Human Spirit is also healing the human body.”