Dismas Charities Portland Discovery Class A Hit With Residents; Parole Board

Following approval from Portland Director Robert Lanning, Resident Tony Vincent started a new Discovery class designed to assist those who were struggling with their addictions. Vincent personally created lesson plans for the eight session initiative, describing in detail what would occur during each. Two months later, the first 12 residents graduated from the class in a ceremony that included completion certificates and refreshments. At the graduation, residents were asked to express their thoughts on the class which included the following: I learned to make more achievable goals; I learned to write down my problems on paper; I learned to give myself a five-minute assessment of what may occur with a decision I make; (and) I now can see trust and faith in others. Vincent met the Parole Board in September and was approved. According to Lanning, the Board was very interested with his program, noting that they had seen where others had participated and graduated. A second class has since graduated 24 participants. While Vincent has departed, Lanning intends to continue the classes under the tutelage of an intern.

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