Dismas Charities St. Ann Client Credits Garden With Growth


According to St. Ann Substance Abuse Program client David Wilson “it took a little ol’ garden to help me realize some places where I went wrong with my wife, and this causes a domino effect in my life. While I’m out there working in the garden, I look and see all I need to do. Then I think of what is most important and I do it, cause I can’t do it all at once. Just like my family, do what is most important to us and not me. Take pride in everything I do; nothing half way. Doing things half way really gets you nowhere.” Wilson, according to Director Mark Meredith, has been instrumental in keeping the garden alive and well. With his hard work, the garden has already produced an abundance of vegetables including purple hull peas, kale, cilantro, cucumbers, tomatoes, bush beans, and carrots. His comments came in the form of an expression of gratitude to Meredith for being allowed to work in the community garden.

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