Dismas Charities St. Ann Client Leaves Note For Incoming Bunkmate


The following, by Frank Woodall, a current client of Dismas’ St. Ann Substance Abuse Program, was written for the next client who would be filling his bed when he leaves. Frank said he wrote it in an effort to instill hope for the person who believes that there is no hope.

Mark Meredith, Director
Dismas Charities St. Ann

Welcome to St. Ann’s Substance Abuse Program. This is a drug-free environment that allows a great opportunity to reflect on yourself and change the way you live and learn, how to live without drugs/alcohol and become a productive member of society. I know when you first get here everything seems to be overwhelming at first. But just sit still and give it a chance. If you honestly look at it, six months is nothing for a chance to live the rest of your life different and be there for your family instead of being away from them and hurting them. I know, as an addict myself, while we are in active addiction we are self-centered people who don’t care who we harm as long as we get what we want. So my suggestion to you is to give this program a chance. Get honest with yourself. Keep an open mind and have some willingness and you will do just fine. And maybe after you are here for a while you can help somebody else who might be struggling. That is when you start feeling good about yourself when you see that you can help others, help themselves. Welcome to St. Ann’s.


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