Dismas Charities St. Ann Clients Help St. Joseph Orphanage With Toy Box Project

8-12-2014_StAnnStJosephThe men at Dismas’ St. Ann Substance Abuse Program (SAP)  have  been  hard  at  work  making  the  lives  of children a  little  more  enjoyable.  When  interns  from Brown  Mackie  College  asked  the  men  what  type  of final project they would like to do, they decided they wanted to help local children in some way. The interns reached out to St.  Joseph Orphanage, and discovered they were in dire need of two outdoor toy boxes. Since it  was  already decided  that  the  men  would  make  toy boxes,  it  seemed  as  if  fate  brought  them  all  together. The  clients  were  divided  into  groups  to  perform  the steps  it  would  take  to  complete  the  toy  boxes.  The steps  included  using  wood  putty,  sanding,  priming, painting,  drawing  pictures,  painting  the  pictures,  and weather proofing the boxes. There is some exceptional talent at Dismas. Some of the men drew cartoon characters  such  as  Bugs  Bunny  and  Sponge Bob Squarepants,  while  others  drew  trucks,  rockets,  and flowers.  They painted the drawings in bright colors, and they look amazing!  Every client took part in this project. St. Joseph Orphanage is very excited about the boxes and said they will proudly display them in their playground.  Toy donations are being brought in by Brown Mackie students and some of the resident families.  This project is one shining example of how the men at Dismas St. Ann are making a difference in the community.

Stephanie Daisy, Intern
Brown Mackie OTA
Dismas Charities St. Ann