Dismas Charities Volunteer With 19 Years of Service Impacts Residents


When his nephew became a Diersen facility resident in 1995, George Gill signed up as a Dismas volunteer.  He is now considered as having one of the longest-running volunteer stints, according to Director Ronyal Horton who notes that Gill is also the most consistent and faithful volunteers he has ever had. According to Gill, a Deacon at Bates Memorial Baptist Church, he was just following the wishes of his pastor and that “Jesus poured his life into his disciples, so we should be pouring our lives into people also.” Gill has also volunteered his time at the Portland, St. Ann, St. Patrick and Louisville facilities, often on holidays. “I thank God for Dismas Charities opening up their doors to our (church) prison ministry,” he said. Maintenance Supervisor Joe Starks heads the Bates Church Prison Ministry.