Former Dismas Charities St. Patrick Resident Shares Success



“I remember sitting around in a hopeless state of mind, as a result of self-imposed crises, during my stay at (a state-run) correctional complex. I was tired of finding myself in those situations with no one to blame except myself. A friend handed me a packet from Dismas Charities with various halfway houses across the state and that’s when hope began. When I arrived at St. Pat’s, I was reintroduced to structure along with values, such as faith, honesty, and integrity. Some of the staff members there related to me and helped me on my journey. I fell once more after leaving St. Pat’s, but the foundation I built there allowed me to stop fighting myself and get rooted and grounded once again. Today I work at a halfway house in a similar set up I was in at St. Pat’s. I recently earned my Bachelors of Science in Correction and Juvenile Justice Studies and am currently working on a Masters of Public Administration, and a Certification in Drug and Alcohol Counseling. I try to keep life real simple today, trust God and help the lives of others that I come in contact with. The road is not always easy, but what is worthwhile, is worthwhile working for.”

A former St. Patrick resident