Governor Scholars Visit Two Dismas Charities Programs


Seventeen high school students, participating in the Kentucky Governor’s Scholar’s Program, toured and observed panel discussions at the Louisville centers of Diersen and St. Ann. The initiative brings together students from around Kentucky to a five week program designed to enhance their understanding of important issues and develop future leaders. “The students gained an understanding of the mission of Dismas Charities and heard our clients’ stories to help them recognize that the clients are worthy of dignity and respect,” said Diersen Director Ronyal Horton. “Most importantly, the students met with clients, gaining a deeper understanding of their mistakes, challenges that they have faced and how they are growing from the situation.” The Diersen and St. Ann Dismas facilities are intensive Substance Abuse Programs. As part of the further Dismas commitment, this summer Horton will be teaching a Forensic Psychology course to high school seniors at Bellarmine University.

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