Dismas Charities Portland Woodworking Group Create Practicality And Beauty Using Throwaways

Utilizing a small room and the very simplest of woodworking tools, residents of the Portland facility have created amazing pieces of art as well as practical furniture from whatever comes their way. Steve Mattingly (above left) and Pierce Mackey stand amid pieces of furniture they have created from abandoned pallets and branches from fallen trees. Their plan is to donate it to a local church for auction in support of the congregation’s needs. Below is Jonathan McGraw who, like his fellow craftsmen, created these miniature motorcycles using scraps of wood and toothpicks. “One of the sources here that helps with the pull of anxiety and stress is the woodshop, where progress is good medicine. The building of useful and constructive projects that give one confidence and helps build pride of a job well done,” said Mattingly.

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