True Colors Taught At Dismas Charities Corporate By Sheryl Fisher


In late October, Lexington Director Sheryl Fisher (standing at right) conducted True Colors training for members of the Louisville facility and some Corporate staff. The training helps staff better understand them-selves and enhance their relationships at work, home or in school by identifying differences in peoples personalities and allowing them to foster understanding through the eyes of others. The concept identifies aspects of the individual’s personality and the personality of others and provides insights in to different motivations, actions and communication approaches. For example, one category notes that, while at work, the individual is an independent thinker who is drawn to constant challenge. In relationships the same individual would let their head rule their heart, and during their childhood they might have been impatient with routine and question authority. “The end result is that with the ability to understand yourself and others you improve your work relationships and increase the ability of the team to get the job done,” Fisher said.

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