Dismas Charities Hattiesburg Holds Year-End Awards Event To Recognize Work Performance

In late December, the Hattiesburg facility held its annual Christmas Party that included awards to numerous staff to recognize their significant accomplishments “that lend themselves to the success of the program,” said Director Chris Kelly. Prior to the ceremony, Kelly challenged his staff to present to the world a “new and improved version” of themselves for 2017 that no one has ever seen. During the awards ceremony, Resident Monitor William Landrigan (left) with Kelly, lead all others with three awards: for being on time the most, for the least missed work (never), and for going the extra mile for his co-workers. According to Kelly, Landrigan once received a 2:30 a.m. call from a co-worker and immediately went to the center to assist. Also receiving an extra mile commendation was Resident
Monitor Nathan Wylie who Kelly jokes “if I could rent him out, I would probably become a wealthy person”. Monitor Chelcy Cook was recognized for being on time the most and for her never calling in sick for the entire year. “Resident Monitor Tareco Davis is another employee that every center needs,” Kelly said, recognizing her for dependability, reliability, and “always willing to come in on a moment’s notice, regardless of the shift.” Also singled out for no call-ins was Social Services Coordinator Tashara Wilson. Resident Monitor Lloyd Miller was cited for getting all assigned EM home and job site checks completed on time during the year. Resident Monitor Takeisha Bonner was recognized for being a versatile and flexible staff member

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