Dismas Charities Kearney Staff Help Abused And Neglected Kids With “Puppy Chow”

Members of the Kearney staff recently came together to help abused and neglected children currently in foster care through the Royal Family Kids Camp. The camps are volunteeroperated and held throughout the United States and across the world, including in the United Kingdom, Chile, Namibia, Australia, and South Africa. In Nebraska, there are 11 camps throughout the summer. To help the children enjoy the activities organized, the Kearney staff put together bags of “puppy chow” for the children. It’s made from cereal, chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar, all provided by the facility. The camps also provided the children with activities such as gokarting, obstacle courses, fishing, drama, talent shows, and rock climbing. “In addition to the activities, the children are given unconditional love, a safe environment free from fear, and the opportunity to just be a kid,” said Director Jack Morgan who, along with Resident Monitors Liz Geist (above left) and Stephen Heaton assembled 150 bags of puppy chow. Geist volunteers annually at the camp and this year Heaton will be volunteering as well.

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