Diersen Charities Albuquerque Provides Native American Heritage Day

On October 25, the Albuquerque program held a Native American Heritage Day to celebrate the culture of the large population of Native American residents at the facility. Organized by Cook Mark Garson (above), who is part Navajo, the residents were treated to a special meal prepared by Garson as well as traditional and contemporary music performed by volunteers from one of the local pueblos. The menu consisted of mutton stew (made from lamb and potatoes) and Pueblo stew (made from beef, corn, onion, squash, green chilies, and tomato), with traditional Fry Bread and blue corn mush on the side. Dessert included Pueblo Pie (similar to cherry pie) and Cinnamon Pueblo Cookies. The residents ate outside and were given additional recreation time while volunteer musicians Murphy and Levi Platero performed on the patio. After the event, one resident wrote an action request to the Director that read: “Thanks for the Native meal this past weekend. It was a real treat. I haven’t had it that good in a real long time.”