Diersen Charities Memphis Implements Dress For Success For Residents

The Memphis (TN) facility has always had a strict dress code for its staff, thanks to rules established by Director James Williams when it opened eight years ago. Now Williams is taking those same Dress for Success rules to another level by including residents leaving the facility to search for a job. Effective mid-February, Williams implemented a program that bans sagging pants, clothing with holes and a general unkempt appearance. Instead, residents will be required to wear a shirt and tie, clean pressed slacks, polished shoes and, if jeans are the only clothing available to the resident, they must be clean and starched. Williams also noted that the “no sagging pants” rule applies inside and outside the property. But in order to make the program truly successful, Williams is calling for donations of men’s clothing. He explains that the ladies apparel is sufficient to address their needs but the men’s department is lacking. Therefore, anyone with any suits, shoes, dress pants, shirts, ties or belts is encouraged to forward them to the Memphis facility. To help with the effort, Williams is also offering special incentives to members of his staff who bring items in and support the program. Williams feels Dress for Success will give the residents “the best opportunity to succeed.”